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Robert Gamez: Net Worth & Money 2022

Robert Gamez Net Worth

Robert Gomez might not be making the headlines so often these days, but he was seen as one of the most promising upcoming golfers in his early days.

Gamez became immortal in golf folklore with his iconic second shot from the fairway that glided the ball into the 18th hole and led Gamez to Nestle Invitational glory. In this piece, we will talk about Robert Gamez’s net worth. 

Robert Gamez’s Net Worth

Year Net Worth
Robert Gamez Net Worth 2022 $5 million
Robert Gamez Net Worth 2012 $12 million

Robert Gamez could have become one of the wealthiest golfers of all time had his career progressed the way it started. Gamez made history, winning two tournaments in his rookie season. 

Gamez dropped out of the University of Arizona to pursue a career in golf. In 1989, he participated in the Walker Cup and quit college to focus on his golf career. 

The same year he won the Haskins Award, and in the next, he was named the PGA Rookie of the Year. 

As a rookie, he made $461,407 in 1990, which broke Keith Clearwater’s record, which he set three years before. Gamez’s early success also boosted his fees for corporate appearances and bagged him special invitations to exclusive, high-pay tournaments. 

When Gamez won the Nestle Invitational by a single stroke in November 1990, who could have foreseen that he would have to wait no less than 15 years for his subsequent PGA Tour success?

In 2005, he won the Valero Texas Open for his third PGA Tour honor. However, he is still in pursuit of his fourth. 

In golf, fitness does not matter as much as most outdoor sports, but Gamez’s fascination for fast food can be attributable to the decline of his career, alongside other factors. 

Remember the Bay Hill shot we had mentioned earlier, the one which has been commemorated with a marble plaque in the venue? He celebrated that incredible feat by treating his friends and himself to a pile of tacos in a taco house. You do not need to be a doctor to figure out that it was not a healthy decision. 

Gamez was later diagnosed with heart problems, which has substantially impacted his career later. In 2015, he underwent a quadruple bypass heart surgery.

Also, the car accident he suffered in 1998 during the Kemper Open is seen as a turning point of his career. He did enjoy a mini resurgence in his career in the early 2000s. But, he failed to play an entire season post-2008. 

Robert Gamez’s total career winnings amount to more than $8 million. Robert Gamez’s net worth 2022 is around $5 million. 

Parents & Siblings

Robert Gamez was born to Tony and Clara Gamez on July 21, 1968. Clara used to be a blackjack dealer while Tony worked at a casino warehouse. Even though the couple lived in Las Vegas and worked in the gambling industry, they were adamant about keeping their children away from it, and they succeeded for the most part. 

Tony is a golf enthusiast himself and was the former president of the junior golf program that molded Robert Gamez’s golfing skills as a child. 

Robert Gamez has a younger brother, Randy Gamez, who has caddied for him in many competitions. 

Robert Gamez: Wife

Robert Gamez has been happily married since 2013. On January 1, 2013, he tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Denise, in a friend’s house, which overlooks Bay Hill, the place where Gamez became a legend. After the ceremony, the couple walked to the ground and took photos by the plaquette that immortalized the moment when Gamez stunned the world with an unbelievable 176-yard strike. 

Denise Gomez used to be a TV reporter when she met her husband for the first time. What started as an interview turned to affection. And the duo dated for eight years before exchanging vows. 

Denise has left her journalist life behind, and now she is a family law practitioner.


Robert Gamez has never expressed any intention to take up politics, but he identifies himself as a proud republican. 

Robert Gamez: Charity Work

Robert Gamez is no longer at the peak of his career, but he is still deeply committed to social causes. Gamez organizes an annual charity event named “Chipping for Children.” Gamez and his wife Denise’s Team Gamez Foundation organizes the event regularly. 

Chipping for Charity donates its proceedings to children growing up in foster families. It brings together a host of celebrities and attempts to raise funds through ticket sales. The participants are often the leading names in music, golf, and cinema. The event gathers enough star power to attract people and generous donations. Gamez has received mass acclaim for this initiative. 

Robert Gamez revealed that he felt the power of family support while growing up and believes he would never have been the person he is today without the love and care of his family members. His heart cries for children who are not fortunate enough to have their own families by them, so he attempts to make their life a little bit better with his Chipping for Children initiative. 

Gamez has supported non-profit organizations focusing on underprivileged children for more than two decades. His wife joined his philanthropic endeavors after their marriage. When the golfer was hospitalized in 2015 for intensive heart surgery, he received handmade cards from 120 children across Florida wishing him a speedy recovery. Gamez later said it was one of the most heartfelt moments in his life, and it gave him a sense of accomplishment. 

Final Say

Robert Gamez’s net worth could have been much higher if he had built upon the early successes he enjoyed. To this day, the golfer remains famous for his landmark shot that won him his second PGA trophy. He has attempted to reboot his career quite a few times, but his poor health conditions have held him back. Regardless, Gamez will forever be remembered for his incredible rookie year achievements. 

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