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Harry English’s Wife & Girlfriends: Who Is Marie Bowers?

Harry English's Wife: Helen Marie Bowers (Helen English)

Harry English is a four-time PGA Tour winner golfer. The Georgia native has played for Team U.S. in the Ryder Cup. However, our focus will be on his better half in this piece. Is Harry English married? Who’s Harry English’s wife. Stay with us till the end to find the answer to all these questions. 

Is Harry English Married? 

Yes, the golfer is married. Harris English tied the knot with his girlfriend, Helen Marie Bowers, in 2017. 

Who Is Marie Bowers? 

Harris English attended the University of Georgia. English was an active youth golf player during his high school years, and he had four Tennessee state championships to his name before enrolling in the University of Georgia. Besides studying for his degree, English kept his golf career alive, and he played in the university’s Bulldog team.

Marie Bowers’s alma mater is the same as her husband’s. She attended the institution between 2010 and 2014. Harris never shared the story about how he met his wife the first time, but we can assume their paths crossed for the first time at the university campus. 

Harris English’s major was in Consumer Economics. Was Helen a junior at the same department? Or did she pursue a different degree? She did not specify. 

Harry English did not reveal where he got married. However, some reports claim that the couple held their ceremony at the Ocean Forest Club in Sea Island, Georgia. No confirmation is available for this information, though. 

The couple lives in Sea Island, Georgia. Reportedly, prominent golfers like Patton Kizzire, Keith Mitchell, and J.T. Posto also live in the area. They are yet to conceive a child. It’s unclear whether or not they want to have children. 

Harris English should consider his wife as his lucky charm. The golfer won his first two PGA Tour titles by 2014. For his subsequent success in the division, he had to wait till 2021, when he bagged two PGA Tour titles. Undoubtedly, his wife’s supporting presence has helped him end the drought. 

What Is Helen English’s Profession? 

Helen English is enlisted as a real estate agent in St. Simons Island, Georgia. She can draw high-profile clients because of her husband’s fame. As we mentioned earlier, Sea Island is home to many famous golfers. Did Helen English help any of them to find their own homes? Given the level of privacy these players want, we might never know for sure! 

Is Helen English American? 

Like her beloved husband, Helen English is a proud American. The couple shared a photo of themselves celebrating the Fourth of July together on social media. Unfortunately, we don’t know where she was born. We did manage to confirm she was an American citizen before marrying English. 

What Is Helen English’s Net Worth?

As we broke down Harris English’s finances in this article, we told you that he currently has a net worth of $25 million. Helen will inherit his property in Harris’s absence since they don’t have any children yet. However, how much money does Helen English make, and what is her net worth? 

We will rely on some assumptions here since we don’t know the remuneration Helen receives for her services. But, real estate agents do make 25 grand to a million annually. We believe she rakes in around $400,000 per year on average. 

In 2022, Helen English has a net worth of $1.2 million. 

Is Helen English The Only Girlfriend Harris English Had? 

We don’t know about any childhood sweethearts, but before marrying Helen, Harris was in a relationship with Beca Caldwell. 

Who Is Beca Caldwell? 

During his Nationwide Tour campaigns in 2012, Harris English lived with some of his fellow golfers. One of them was Hudson Swafford. Swafford, who also has four PGA titles to his name, is also a University of Georgia alumni and graduated in 2011 alongside Harris. 

Swafford was dating his would-be wife, Katherine Wainright Brandon, at that time. In 2012, Swafford and Katherine introduced English to Becca Caldwell, Katherine’s roommate. The four of them went out on multiple double dates together. 

In 2013, Katherine and Swafford got married. Reportedly, Becca and Harris attended the wedding as a couple. They broke up in 2014. This is the time we believe Harris and Helen started seeing each other. 

Some rumors suggest the relationship broke off after Harris canceled a weekend getaway to Pebble Beach. Harris had to go through a Lasik surgery then, but Beca believed it wasn’t an emergency. 

Final Say

Hopefully, this article adequately addressed the curiosity you had about Harry English’s wife. We have included all the information we could find on Helen English here. However, not all of them are verified facts since the couple remains incredibly tight-lipped about their personal lives. 

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