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Who Is Angel Cabrera’s Wife? Marriage, Assaults & Divorce

Angel Cabrera's Wife - Slyvia Cabrera

Cabrera had been married to Sylvia Rivadero. The former two-times Masters champion is now serving two years of jail time for assaulting her and his other partners. 

A court in Argentina found Cabrera guilty of assaulting, threatening, and harassing Cecilia Torres Mana, Cabrera’s former girlfriend. Cabrera denied the accusations against him, but he was sent to prison after the prosecutors found significant evidence against him. 

Prosecutor Laura Battistelli told reporters that Cabrera is in a difficult situation as the evidence suggests he was abusive towards Cecilia and other romantic partners. There were arrest warrants for charges filed by other victims as well. 

Cabrera escaped Argentina to avoid legal punishment, but Interpol arrested him from Brazil in January 2021. The Brazilian authorities handed him over to Argentine law enforcement afterward. 

Angel Cabrera’s Wife

Angel and Sylvia started living together in 1985. Twenty-four years later, they got separated. Sylvia was 12 years older than Angel when they romantically got involved and four children’s mother. Angel had two sons with Sylvia, Federico, and Angel. Both of his sons are professional golfers now. Federico started his pro career in 2008, and his brother Angel followed suit four years later. Both have caddied for their father. 

In 2009, the year Angel and Sylvia got divorced, the police received a domestic violence call from Sylvia. After they arrived at the scene, they couldn’t find clear-cut evidence to support Sylvia’s claims. The couple walked their separate ways a few months later. 

In 2017, Sylvia accused Angel of physical abuse and filed a charge against him. The following year, she filed another lawsuit against her former husband. This time the accusation was minor theft. 

The charge that finally got Angel Cabrera arrested was the one brought against him by Cecilia Torres Mana. Mana claimed that Cabrera had tried to run over her with his van. The incident had apparently taken place in 2016. She also accused Cabrera of punching her in the face and repeatedly threatening to kill her. 

These two were not the only ones who brought up harassment and physical abuse allegations against Angel Cabrera. Micaela Escudero, another woman Cabrera previously had a relationship with, revealed that Cabrera beat her regularly when they were together and often threatened to kill her. 

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Sylvia’s lawyer Carlos Nayi labeled Cabrera a “danger to all of society.” Carlos also claimed that Cabrera kept threatening his client after the charges were filed.

Cecilia Torres Mana started dating Cabrera in 2016, and their relationship lasted two years. Mana is 15 years younger than Cabrera, meaning she was only a one-year-old baby when Cabrera started living together with Sylvia. 

Cabrera became the subject of an international manhunt in January 2021 when Interpol put out a red notice for him. He was arrested in Rio de Janeiro a couple of days later. He is expected to come out of jail in 2023. However, his prison time might be extended if he is found guilty of Sylvia’s charges against him. 

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