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My name is Harry, and I am the human behind these words.

In this website, I share my knowledge and make my fellow Earthlings more golf-smart!

The way quidditch (if you don’t know what sport that is, you need to read the Harry Potter series ASAP!) ran in James and Harry Potter’s blood; golf runs in mine.

I believe that all the people on the planet that is at present around 7.7 billion are inter-connected to each other. We need to help each other out and try and make sense of the complicated lives of ours.

Though I generally don’t discriminate between people, I have a soft corner for people who are golf players or love the sport (like me!).

Hence, this website.

The goal is to provide accurate, simplified and logical information in a fun manner to all the fantastic readers.

So that they can spend their precious time on the course perfecting their shots or cheering for their favourite players instead of having to spend hours on the internet trying to make a decision like – Is a watch golf GPS better than a handheld one?

You know trusting people in today’s world always calls for a little caution. I, however, promise you that I along with my team (which includes Hermoine, Ron, Ginny and Neville) will work to the best of our ability to make sure you never regret the decisions you make and the conclusions you draw after reading what we have to say.

So trust us and keep working on your self. Keep the candle of hope burning alive and if the universe gets impressed, you might be able to take the make it big in the upcoming Majors and inspire generations to come like Brooks Koepka and Tiger Woods. Or if you are not interested in the competitions and only play for fun, this place is perfect for you as well.

Also, if you have any queries, please contact us.

Stay safe. Stay alive. Be happy. All the best!


Harry and team.

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