Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2020

Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2020

Golf has been one of the most elegant and prestigious games and has been played for centuries by young and old alike. It is especially famous among old people because it doesn’t require much physical activity and is quite fun to play. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. If you are a golfer, you must have seen many legitimate meltdowns of both amateur and professional players. You might have even experienced it yourself.

A game of golf can be quite frustrating. To reduce the frustration that comes with the game, companies try to make innovative accessories that will help make the game a little easier. One of these innovative products is a golf rangefinder.

These rangefinders have revolutionized the game of golf. If you are new to it, you should know that the whole game of golf depends on how well you can get your distances. It’s one of the secrets to winning the game.

A golf rangefinder makes it easy for you to make an accurate shot. No more guesswork if you have this device. For any serious golfer, it is an essential product and you must have it if you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your golf buddies when they have a rangefinder and you don’t.

We have gathered some useful information about rangefinders that will help you select the best one for yourself. We have also reviewed some of the best golf rangefinder 2020 from which you can select the one that best fits your need.

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Our Top 3 Best Golf Rangefinder

Here is a quick snapshot of our top rated picks.


If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top 6 Golf Rangefinder

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Bushnell Pro X2 golfrangefinder review 150x150

Bushnell Pro X2

Range: 450+ Yards
WaterProof: Yes
Magnification: 6x
Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro golfrangefinder review 150x150

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro

Range: 400 Yards
WaterProof: Yes
Magnification: 6x
Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized golfrangefinder review 150x150

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized

Range: 8-1200 Yards
WaterProof: Yes
Magnification: 6x
TecTecTec VPRO500 golfrangefinder review 150x150

TecTecTec VPRO500

Range: 500+ Yards
Water Resistant: Yes
Magnification: 6x
Callaway 300 Pro golfrangefinder review 150x150

Callaway 300 Pro

Range: 5-1000 Yards
Water Resistant: Yes
Magnification: 6x
Bushnell Tour V4 Range Finder golfrangefinder review 150x150

Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder

Range: 5-1000 Yards
Water Resistant: Yes
Magnification: 5x

* $- Under $200; $$ – Under $300; $$$ – Under $400; $$$$ – Under $500

P.S. Ranked in no particular order.

Now let’s delve into the reviews of the top rated Golf Rangefinder one by one.

6 Best Golf Rangefinders of 2020

1. Bushnell Pro X2 ReviewBest of the Best

Bushnell has been known as the one of the top brands when it comes to golf rangefinders and it is probably the first choice of many golfers. The Pro X2 is another ingenious product that offers many useful features and better aesthetics than other rangefinders. However, like any other device, this product has some drawbacks that we will share later. First, let’s talk about the amazing features that it offers.

Dual Display Technology

Bushnell Pro X2 golfrangefinder review 400x400

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The Bushnell Pro X2 can use different colors for crosshairs and numbers shown on the display. A color-changing button is present on the device through which you can change the color. You can choose between a bright red display or a sharp black one in contrast with the color of your target so that you can see clearly.

PinSeeker with JOLT Technology

In golf, you are usually so far away from your target that it can be hard to recognize it clearly. The PinSeeker with JOLT technology in Bushnell Pro X2 lets you know that you are shooting at the right target by producing a jolt when the rangefinder precisely detects the pin. This feature has become a standard Bushnell feature because of its usefulness. With this feature, golfers can rest assured that they can don’t accidentally get the wrong distance by mistaking the tree behind the green as the pin.

Slope Compensation Technology

Slope compensation technology can be a great help for golfers if their course is located on the side of a mountain. With this feature, they can calculate the undulation of a shot. This feature is useful in practice rounds of tournaments as it will allow players to be prepared for the actual match.

The good thing is that the Pro X2 comes with a slope switch technology so that you can choose to either have or not have the slope compensation technology in your golf rangefinder.


The Pro X2 is one of the most durable rangefinders because its body is made of metal instead of plastic and feels sturdy when you use it. Even if you accidentally drop the device, we can assure you that it will not break and will work just fine.


This golf rangefinder is easy to use with a body that is comfortable to hold. The device is also waterproof so that you can use it in rainy weather too. Furthermore, there is a rubber casing which gives it protection against bumps and falls, so you can use it as roughly as you want.


You won’t have to worry too much about accuracy either as its margin of error is only 0.5 yards. Combined with the PinSeeker and JOLT technology, you can assure that this rangefinder will always help you make that perfect shot. Furthermore, it has a range of up to 1300 yards, making it perfect for almost any situation.

Warranty and Price

The Pro X2 comes at an expensive price point, but considering the numerous features it offers, we will say that it is worth it. It is better to invest in a product that will last longer than one that will die with just a little usage. Moreover, the Pro X2 comes with a 2-year warranty, which is a plus point when buying a golf rangefinder.



  • Offers a 1300-yard range
  • Optical lenses magnify up to 6x
  • Slope compensation technology which can be toggled on or off
  • Good accuracy
  • Gives you feedback after finding the target
  • The device is waterproof
  • Comes with dual display options


  • Quite expensive
  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • Must be handheld as there are no mounting options
  • Cannot measure speed


2. Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro ReviewBest Budget

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro golfrangefinder review 400x400

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Precision Pro Golf is another company that specializes in making amazing quality golf rangefinders. The NX7 Pro is one of its high-quality products with modern technology that offers highly effective features. The device is very useful and handy and is one of the best golf rangefinders in the market. Let’s talk about its main features.

Slope Technology

Golf rangefinders didn’t have slope technology until a few years ago. Precision Pro Golf is one of the first companies to have introduced this technology and with the NX7 Pro, it has only gotten better. It now comes with an additional pulse vibration technology that alerts you once you have locked onto the correct target.


The NX7 Pro is easy to use and provides exactly what you need to improve your game. The device comes in a green and black design with hex-texturing that allows you to grip the device properly and prevents it from slipping.

It is a laser rangefinder that will give you the exact distance to your target. It is also water resistant, so it will definitely keep you going for a short while in the rainy season.

Another interesting feature that makes it easier to use for everyone is the multiple options it offers to measure distance. This means you can choose whether you want to see the distance in yards or meters, depending on your preferences.


The accuracy of a rangefinder is the top feature that golfers look into when buying a rangefinder, and you won’t be disappointed by the NX7 Pro. It gives an accuracy of 1 yard, which is pretty good. However, you can only measure up to 400 yards away, which is far but not enough. On the bright side, it can measure to 1/10 of a yard.

Target Acquisition Technology (TAG)

The NX7 Pro comes with Target Acquisition Technology that helps you lock onto a specific target and prevents it from accidentally picking up anything in the background. There is a button on the top of this laser rangefinder with which you can lock onto your target. With just the push of the button, the crosshairs will appear on the display. Press the button again to lock onto the target, and the crosshairs will blink, indicating that the target is locked and the yardage will be displayed.

Fast Technology

It can be frustrating if your rangefinder takes forever to lock onto the target. No one likes a slow golfer wasting everyone’s time. With the NX7 Pro, you will get the yardage within a second of locking onto the target. This helps keep the game smooth and hassle-free.

Zoom In

The NX7 Pro has one amazing feature that you will hardly find in other golf rangefinders: it can magnify up to 6 times. With this much zoom, you can easily find your target from far away.



  • The device is water resistant
  • Solid grip
  • Useful vibration and TAG features
  • Clear optics with 6x magnification
  • Slope technology with pulse vibration


  • Its range is lower than others on the list
  • Has a non-rechargeable battery
  • Considering the total range, it’s expensive

3. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized ReviewBest Value For Money

Nikon is a world-famous brand that is known for its quality optical devices and has been very successful in the market. There is no surprise or doubt that it makes some of the best rangefinders as well. The Coolshot Pro Stabilized is considered a great alternative to the Bushnell Pro X2 because it offers just as many sleek and top-notch features.

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized golfrangefinder review 400x400

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Let’s see the features that the Coolshot Pro Stabilized offers and whether it should be considered a competitor to the Pro X2 or any other top golf rangefinder in the market.

Slope Technology

Slope technology should be considered a must-have in golf rangefinders whether you think you need it or not. This feature can come in handy if you ever get into a situation where you have to play on hilly areas. The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized provides you with the most accurate slope technology.

However, while this feature can be useful in your casual golf matches with your golf buddies or practice matches before golf tournaments, you will have to keep in mind that you won’t be able to use it during an actual tournament. Nonetheless, it will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of slope you have to contend with, especially if you practice with it before the actual match.

User-Friendly and Stabilized Technology

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized is more user-friendly than the Bushnell Pro X2 when it comes to technology. It also has the slope switch technology to turn the slope feature on or off, but the Nikon device gives more precise readings.

When you take measurements, your shaky hand could mess it up, but the Coolshot Pro Stabilized, as the names suggests, comes with a stabilizing technology that protects the unit from shaking and vibrating. While it might not be 100% accurate, it definitely increases the accuracy of the device by 20%.

Locked On

The Locked On feature of the Coolshot Pro Stabilized works great in conjunction with the stabilizing feature. With it, you can rest assured that the device will correctly lock onto the target and won’t mistake a tree or anything else for your target. After being locked, the display shows the target bracketed in a green circle so that you can make sure you have got the right spot.


This is no doubt one of the best golf rangefinders when it comes to accuracy. Its accuracy ranges from 0.75 to 1.75 yards, depending on how far your target is. While it can measure up to 1200 yards, it is the most accurate up to 700 yards.

The reading appears within a second of locking onto the target due to its fast speed. Furthermore, with its ID (incline or decline) Technology, you can accurately calculate the distance to uphill and downhill shots.


It is not too durable because the case does not protect it from falls and bumps. Hence, you will need to be a little careful when using this device, although it does provide protection from water to a certain extent.



  • Small and lightweight device that can easily fit into your pocket
  • Precise measurements
  • 8 seconds of continuous measurement
  • Comes with a battery, case and strap
  • Measurement range is up to 1200 yards
  • Gives value for money


  • Not as durable as its competitors
  • Expensive

4. TecTecTec VPRO500 Review

TecTecTec also specializes in the optics market and manufactures products like golf rangefinders. It makes quality rangefinders that are great for both amateurs and pros and comes at an affordable price. The VPRO500 is the best golf rangefinder offered by TecTecTec.

TecTecTec VPRO500 golfrangefinder review 400x400

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Its design is very stylish, and the shiny black finish makes it very attractive. What’s even more appealing about this rangefinder is the astounding features that it offers. This device may look like an ordinary rangefinder, but it’s in this list for a reason and we’ll tell you why.


Accuracy is an important factor to consider with a gold rangefinder, and the VPRO500 does not fall behind when it comes to accuracy and fast speed. With it, you will get readings accurate up to 1 yard. Moreover, with the help of the Pinsensor technology, you can dodge all the extras on the course and lock onto the target alone. With its fast technology, you’ll get the reading within seconds.


Coming to the view from the rangefinder, the VPRO500 offers clear and magnified vision because the device uses multilayered optics. It can magnify up to 6 times, but if you have shaky hands, you might want to reconsider before buying this product as it does not have any stabilizing technology and your vision might be affected by the shaking.


The range is one of the first things a golfer notices in a rangefinder because that is the whole point of buying this device. However, this might disappoint you a little. This device can measure up to 540 yards only. This is a good range for most golfers, especially casual ones, but it’s not enough for hardcore enthusiasts.

On the bright side, with this range and the continuous scan mode, you can easily improve your weekend golf games. Another great feature of this device is that it shows measurements in both meters and yards.


The TecTecTec VPRO500 is an overall durable golf rangefinder, but one thing that is problematic is the fact that it gets fogged up easily inside its housing. The view clears up after a while, but it is a problem for the time being.

Other than that, it can last for years because the body structure is solid. You also get a sturdy bag that helps keep the device protected when you are not using it and makes it easy to carry around.

Furthermore, the VPRO500 is shock-resistant and waterproof, so you can rest assured that the device will work fine whether it rains or the device falls. Moreover, the tiny yet sleek black body of this rangefinder provides a good grip that prevents it from slipping through your hands.


The company is known for its affordable products, so it’s no surprise that this device lives up to this legacy. Considering the features that it offers, we would say that it is definitely a good option for a golf rangefinder. Also, the VPRO500 comes with a 2-year warranty, which is an additional plus point.



  • It has an accuracy of up to 1 yard
  • Continuous scanning within 540 yards
  • Lens display is crystal clear and magnifies up to 6x
  • USGA legal
  • Weather-resistant
  • Great value for money


  • Not as accurate as the Bushnell Pro X2
  • Can’t measure speed
  • Unsure about its durability, quality and customer service since it’s a new company

5. Callaway 300 Pro Review

If you don’t know, Callaway is one of the biggest golf accessory companies out there. It manufactures an array of amazing products, including golf clubs, balls and rangefinders. Hence, adding a product from this company to this list was necessary or else the list would have been incomplete.

Callaway 300 Pro golfrangefinder review 400x400

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The Callaway 300 Pro is one of its highest-quality products, and the features that this device offers proves that it is on top for a good reason.

Slope Technology

The Callaway Pro 300, just like other great golf rangefinder, comes with a slope technology that can come in handy in many situations. It can calculate the incline and decline measurements and automatically adjust that need into the estimated distance it tells you. The slope switch button makes the device legal for tournaments, as you can just turn the setting off.

Accuracy and Range

This laser rangefinder might be the best one when it comes to accuracy. You can measure up to 1000 yards with a margin of error within 1 yard. You also don’t have to worry about getting a wrong target; it can easily lock onto multiple targets even in crowded places like beside the lake or in a green forest.

Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT)

PAT provides an exact target lock. It ensures that even in the middle of a forest, it will pinpoint to the target accurately. Hence, the Pro 300 will help you step up your golf game and give you confidence that will boost your mood as well.


This feature is quite interesting and unique. With the Birdie feature, the device makes a chirping noise to confirm the distance acquisition. While this feature does not make much of a difference to your game, it sure brings in a little fun.

6x Magnification

Like all the top golf finders, the Pro 300 laser golf rangefinder also has this amazing feature. The 6x magnification feature helps you view different targets from a far distance. The optics of this device is pretty high-quality, and the magnifying feature is considered as one of the best features in this device because it can lock onto targets that are up to 5-300 yards away.


The body of the Pro 300 is covered with a hard plastic that protects the device against falls and slips. This device is especially built in a way to keep the moisture and dampness under control to keep fogginess at bay.

Furthermore, the weight of this device is pretty low, so it is easy to carry. Plus, the built-in belt loop makes carrying it around easier and prevents you from getting tired. It is definitely waterproof and can be used in rainy and foggy season without any worries. The body structure of the Callaway Pro 300 is also slip-proof, so it helps golfers grip the device tighter and avoids accidental slips or falls.


The Callaway Pro 300 gives a top-notch and precise performance. It is also very easy to use. The PAT helps calculate the distance quickly and without any hassles. The measurements are shown in both meters and yards, and the readings are shown clearly on the LCD display. There are also different modes available from which you can choose depending on the weather you are using it in.


  • PTA mode to lock onto pins
  • Distance range is 1000 yards
  • Can pick up the target accurately with an error within 1 yard only
  • Waterproof, lightweight and portable
  • Solid build
  • Affordable price


  • The performance speed is a bit slow as compared to other devices on this list
  • It has a non-rechargeable battery

6. Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder Review

We have already reviewed one of the best golf rangefinders from Bushnell, but the list doesn’t end there. Bushnell is known for its wide variety of high-quality rangefinders, and the Tour V4 is another amazing product.

Bushnell Tour V4 Range Finder golfrangefinder review 400x400

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It may be very small, but this tiny device offers numerous useful functions that you will find only in the best golf rangefinders. In fact, many serious golfers prefer the Tour V4 laser rangefinder over other rangefinders because it’s a luxury product and offers much more compared to the price it comes in.

Slope Technology

A rangefinder without a slope technology will only give you the standard measurement of distance to the target that’s on the same level as you. The problem with this is that it does not work with targets that are uphill or downhill. Rangefinders now include this feature so that the device can work better on a hilly course and can give you the actual measurement.

Bushnell has some rangefinders like Tour X that has neon faceplates which are used as a toggle for slope compensation. These faceplates can be removed to indicate the slope feature is off. This feature is highly likable in tournaments, but the problem is that the faceplate is so small, it can easily get lost. Bushnell has modified this feature in the next rangefinders and, instead of a faceplate, put a button of the device that reads ‘slope edition’ when it’s on.

Pin Seeker Technology

The pin seeker technology of the Tour V4 is very accurate and helps you identify and lock onto the target correctly. When there are other objects nearby the pin like trees and the unit catches potential targets, it will show them as an icon with a circled flag in the corner of the display. This icon indicates that the measurements on the screen are for the objects closest to you.

Range and Accuracy

The accuracy of the Tour V4 is one yard, and the distance measurement range is up to 1000 yards. With this, you can easily pinpoint any target on your golf course. The Tour V4 also has optics lenses that magnify up to 5x and the fast focus system makes it easier to locate the pins.

The JOLT Technology

It also comes with the JOLT technology, which is the vibration feature that alerts you whenever the device locks onto the target. This indicates that you have selected the right target.


The body of the Tour V4 is very tiny that it can fit in average-sized hand easily and the design helps prevent any potential risk of falling or slipping through your hands. Hence, from a durability point of view, it is pretty solid.

There are extra accessories provided with the device as well that help prevent the device from getting damaged like a silicon protective cover and a hard case that you can hang from your bag or just put it in the pocket.


The Tour V4 by Bushnell is pretty easy to use and the technology is pretty good at providing fast and accurate measurements. The PinSeeker also makes the target acquisition easier in this device. The Tour V4 is also water resistant, so you won’t be running inside as soon as the rain starts.



  • USGA approved for tournaments
  • PinSeeker technology along with JOLT technology
  • Lenses magnify to 5x
  • Amazing 1000-yard range
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Fast focus system is present for pinpointing targets
  • The measurement is accurate up to 1 yard
  • Solid case and durable device


  • Cannot measure the speed of targets
  • Lithium battery is pricey and non-rechargeable
  • The device is expensive

Some Frequency Ask Question On Golf Rangefinder

Q. What is a golf rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a handheld device that measures the distance between you and the targeted flag or pin. This will give you an idea about this distance so that you apply the correct force to your shot. In easy words, it helps you reach the goal.

With the laser or GPS rangefinders, you can now calculate how further anything is from you on the course. If you are already a golfer, you know the importance of distance in the game of golf. It basically determines your whole game, so having a rangefinder can greatly help you.

In old golf games when rangefinders were yet to be invented, golfers used to guess the distance between themselves and the target. While that is a good exercise for the brain, it used to get frustrating and turning into meltdowns when the golfers won’t get the shot right.

However, these small yet very useful devices help minimize those frustrations and provide you with precise information according to the game of golf you are playing. Without any distance indicator in the game, you risk undershooting the ball or shooting it too far. These are situations where a golf rangefinder comes in handy.

Q. What is the best golf rangefinder?

There are tons of varieties available in the market, but the rangefinders reviewed above are the best of the best. Choose the one that will provide you with guaranteed good results.

If the devices mentioned above are not something you want and are looking for something else, you can always check successful brands like Bushnell and Nikon. These brands create so many quality products that will improve your game and take it to the next level.

To give you a general idea of where to look at or where to start looking for that matter, here is a list of the top golf rangefinders along with what they are suitable for:

  1. Precision Pro NX7 – all-around best rangefinder
  2. Bushnell Pro X2 – best overall rangefinder
  3. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized
  4. TecTecTec VPRO500
  5. Callaway 300 Pro
  6. Bushnell Tour V4 RangeFinder

Q. How to use a golf rangefinder?

There is more to golf than just balls, clubs and course. Using a golf rangefinder needs a technique and understanding how to use the device to its full potential.

The first thing you’ll need to do with your golf rangefinder is to check the magnification of the lenses as well as the amount of clearance. Golf rangefinders offer different magnification levels. The high-end products are the ones that will allow you to zoom in without much trouble.

After checking the magnification level of the lenses, check where your eye should be placed. Some units require a little distance between the unit and the eye, while others don’t. While doing this, you will need to hold the device as steadily as possible and with only one hand.

Before getting started with using the rangefinder, it is better if you get an idea about the course with your bare eyes. Look around the field, taking in all the information needed and checking where the target is. This is a good way to get a hold of the situation so that when you look through the rangefinder, you will not have to look around confused to find the target.

Some golf rangefinders come with a scanning feature that gives you measurements of the whole area. This feature can be found in high-end product and is very useful because it gives you a command on the field.

You will be easily able to distinguish between your target and an obstacle in the background. A rangefinder provides additional target acquisition features that allow you to recognize and lock onto your target and nothing else.

One thing to keep in mind is that steadiness is important during the process of using a golf rangefinder. The reason is that even if you were using a quality product, if you do not keep your hand steady, the result will not be too accurate. We personally recommend using a tripod during the game. Tripods ensure stability. The straighter and more stable the device is, the accurate the readings.

If you cannot afford a tripod, you can use the rangefinder with both hands. This will also ensure stability somewhat, but of course, to be better at anything, you will need to practice. It is a good idea to use the rangefinder to practice on the course before the actual game so that you can use the slope compensation feature before and have an idea about the distance.

Q. How does a golf rangefinder work?

A golf rangefinder is used to determine the distance between the golfer and the hole to create the perfect shot. There are three main types of golf rangefinders:

Laser Rangefinder

The laser rangefinder uses a laser light or light beam to measure the distance from the target. The light beams can be affected by certain weather conditions, but since golf is usually played on a clear, sunny day, it should not be a problem.

When you pinpoint the target, the light beams travel toward the target. The clock in the rangefinder at the same time calculates the amount of time it takes the beam of light to touch the target and bounce back. With the time measurement, the rangefinder calculates the total distance.

GPS Rangefinder

The GPS rangefinder works like the GPS of a phone. It calculates the distance through satellite signals and by measuring the distance to the target in 100-150 meters. To use it, you will need to pre-upload the course and your targets onto your phone or computer before you leave for the golf course.

When you reach the course, turn on the GPS rangefinder and let it connect to the satellite signals. Once done, the GPS will measure the distance to your targets while comparing the pre-loaded objects on the device. The device will measure the distance between the location of the pre-loaded objects and your current position and provide the information on the display.

Optical Rangefinder

As the name indicates, this rangefinder works with optical lenses. There are two kinds of lenses present at each end of an optical rangefinder. They focus on the target and use the pre-loaded scale inside the device to determine the distance between you and your target.


You will find tons of golf rangefinders with different features in the market, but getting the best one that serves your need the most appropriately is the goal here. You can choose from any one of the devices we reviewed in this article and be assured that they will give you a great performance.

You can also opt to buy any other model, but before buying, make sure you make a checklist of all your requirements and set your priorities so that you can make a decision according to your needs. Remember to fix your budget beforehand so that you can narrow down your options and do not spring for something outside your range.

Need more options? Check out these great golf rangefinder devices…

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Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2020

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